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Australian art

Collection by Maggie Hopkins

Stock Photography image of aboriginal art , Australia stock photo . Aboriginal Art Animals, Aboriginal Painting, Dot Painting, Indigenous Australian Art, Australian Animals, Indigenous Art, Art Nouveau, Muebles Art Deco, Lino Art

Aboriginal Art , Australia

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Anatjari No. III Tjakamarra / Bush Tucker Story 71 x 30 cm Aboriginal Painting, Aboriginal Artists, Dot Painting, Tachisme, Australian Aboriginals, Aboriginal Culture, Australian Art, Indigenous Art, Pop Art


大发官网_安全购彩 【知名彩民-】实力推荐国内最安全的网上购买彩票平台【大发官网计划】。提供双色球,超级大透,大发官网,山东十一运夺金,足彩,竞彩,北单等十多种彩票及开奖号码,走势图等各种游戏玩法--

Aboriginal art, an image of oysters growing on rocks by Samuel Lipundja Aboriginal History, Aboriginal Painting, Aboriginal Culture, Aboriginal Artists, Painting Abstract, Popular Art, Arte Popular, Australian Aboriginals, Native Design

Oysters growing on rocks at Guruwana, circa 1960 by Djimbarrdjimbarrwuy Garawirrtja

Djimbarrdjimbarrwuy gives brilliant form to the conditions found at particular places in country at certain times of the day. In 'Oysters growing on rocks at Guruwana' c1960 he depicts an important location on the mainland near Elcho Island, where oysters ...

Wagilag Sisters Story by Dawidi Djulwarak, bark painting Northern Territory, Australia Aboriginal Artwork, Aboriginal Artists, Religions Du Monde, Aboriginal Culture, Maori Art, Australian Art, Indigenous Art, Hand Art, Sacred Art

Wagilak sisters Story, circa 1960 by Dawidi Birritjama

Wagilag Sisters Story, c.1960 | Milingimbi → Central Arnhem Land → Northern Territory → Australia | Bark painting

An image of Lany'tjung Banaidja .Lany'tjung Banaidja Story 3 1960 Artist Munggurrawuy Yunupingu Australia circa 1907 - 12 Apr 1979 Language group Gumatj, Arnhem regionStory 3 by Munggurrawuy Yunupingu Aboriginal History, Aboriginal Culture, Aboriginal Artists, Australian Painters, Australian Art, Indigenous Art, Lany, Diamond Pattern, Art Forms

Lany'tjung Banaidja Story 3, 1960 by Muŋgurrawuy Yunupiŋu

Depicted in the centre is a Ngärra ceremony taking place on the ceremonial ground. Four of the figures are holding paperbark representations of Banaidja with which they beat the ground. The top and bottom sections show Muŋgurrawuy's Yirritja diamond pattern ...

Title Sacred waterholes/dilly bags (circa Artist England Banggala Australia circa 1925 - Dec 2001 Language group Burarra, Arnhem regionMaterials used natural pigments on bark Dimensions: x cm Aboriginal Art Dot Painting, Aboriginal Artists, Australian Aboriginals, National Art, Australian Art, Indigenous Art, Native Art, Artsy Fartsy, Abstract

Sacred waterholes/dilly bags, circa 1988 by England Banggala

Sacred waterholes/dilly bags, (circa 1988) by England Banggala

Cat and crow legend, (collected by Dawidi Djulwarak Aboriginal History, Aboriginal Artists, Popular Art, Arte Popular, Nature Spirits, Australian Art, Naive Art, Outsider Art, Teaching Art

Cat and crow legend, collected 1960 by Dawidi Birritjama

The crows took some hair which is part of the tassel of the spear thrower (shown vertically left of centre) and whirled it. This was their nest. It grew and grew until it reached the sky and turned into a ...

Därrpa (king brown snakes) - Djambarrpuyngu rain story, (circa by Binyinyuwuy Djarrankuykuy Aboriginal Art Animals, Aboriginal History, Aboriginal Artwork, Aboriginal Culture, Indigenous Australian Art, Australian Animals, Indigenous Art, Snake Art, High Art

Därrpa (king brown snakes) - Djambarrpuyngu rain story, circa 1950s by Binyinyuwuy Djarrankuykuy

In 'Därrpa (king brown snakes) – Djambarrpuyngu rain story' c1950s Binyinyuwuy refers to his own identity as a man of the Därrpa, or king brown snake people. The därrpa extend skyward, in an attempt to pierce the clouds and initiate ...

Old Masters: Australia’s Great Bark Artists showcases the works from Australia’s great bark painters: Aboriginal artists from Arnhem Land who carried one of the oldest continuing traditions of art into the modern era. Aboriginal History, Aboriginal People, Aboriginal Art, Year 8, Australian Art, Indigenous Art, National Museum, Love Art, Archaeology

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Rock paintings - visual documentation of Aboriginal history and The Dreamtime mythology. Indigenous Australian Art, Indigenous Art, Australian Aboriginal History, Aboriginal Culture, Aboriginal Art, Aboriginal People, Tempera, Fresco, Art History Timeline

Inside Gabarnmung Rock Shelter

Oprah Show Ultimate Viewers get a very rare look inside the Gabarnmung Rock Shelter, owned by the Jawoyn tribe, an extra special stop on Oprah's Ultimate Australian Adventure.

Magpie, geese and water lilies at the water hole, central Arhnem Land. Native Australians, Aboriginal Art, Australian Artists, Water Lilies, Book Activities, Textures Patterns, Art Forms, Art Lessons, Museum

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