From floating cities to a skatepark that also doubles as a resevoir, these projects are the future of climate-proof design.

Small Floating House - Paperhouses - Carl Turner Architects - London - Exterior- Humble Homes

Melbourne social enterprises

Refugees welcome: inside Melbourne's social enterprise cafe boom

Refugee worker Alhagie (surname withheld) in the social enterprise cafe Long Street Coffee, in Melbourne.

Borders, barriers, walls exhibition.

Parker, this exhibition erects barricades everywhere, frustrating the normal flow of the MUMA galleries and acting out the oppressive .

Linden New Art | Exhibitions | Linden Projects, Atmosphere, 2015

Elisa Jane Carmichael, A Bed of Plastic Seagrass Wool and Coral Sea Bed Found sea ropes, fishing net, clay and Synthetic plymer paint on canvas Photography by David Marks Photographer

Feminism has been a powerful force for change over the course of the last century, confronting inequality and changing the landscape of societies around the world. In the 1970s it surged into the art world, with the feminist art movement of the time challenging prevailing attitudes and assumptions.   Host Jane Montgomery Griffiths will speak to Mish Grigor, Juliana Engberg, Emily Floyd and Atlanta Eke about the ideas that drive their art and give voice to their passion for creating change…

Artificial organs: We're entering an era where transplants are obsolete

Urban Commons: The Agrocité project in the suburbs of Paris

Urban commons have radical potential – it's not just about community gardens

A rise in commonly owned spaces and services hopes to reclaim the city for the public good, providing a participatory alternative to exclusive urban development. But how can it be upscaled from local garden projects?

Wei Guan Beach5

Guan Wei wins the 2015 Arthur Guy Memorial Painting Prize with Beach 5

This Dutch architect's big idea makes even our 'greenest' cities look gray.

It's not an elaborate treehouse — it's a new affordable housing concept.

Green city of the future? This is the brain baby of Dutch architect Raimond de Hullu. It's his template for building cities that are green in the truest sense of the word.

Ian poter foundations grants

ian potter foundation lots of amazing grants

Projects — Victorian College of the Arts

Simplest is a dashboard I made for training few months ago. I chose to gather in an unique desktop app all the applications I use the most. My aim was to design something minimal as possible. For this project, which is the I tried to be even more simp…



Incinerator Gallery art for social change exhibition

Find out about exhibitions that are coming soon to the Incinerator Gallery.