*Dramatic play center idea: camping learning center

"Camping" Campout at Preschool

Camping Learning Center at Preschool with Fire Pit for Summer Fun (my dramatic play center is a campsite during the insect and spiders theme) Use for night in the forest. Also use during summer theme for camping

Each student traced their own hand in pencil then broke up their hand into different shapes and patterns.T​hey traced over the pencil lines with black sharpie. We used colored pencils to color each shape in pushing down to make them bold and bright. I glued them down to a large piece of cardboard that was covered in black paper.

Cool beginning of the year project. We've got the whole world in our hands. Big hand for . Many hands make light work .

Improving a Sand Pit | Day 24 - 30 Days to Transform Your Play - today we're looking at how we can improve a sand pit to encourage open-ended, creative play

Improving a Sand Pit

"Improving a Sand Pit: Adding materials which encourage open-ended exploration". Love the idea of dustpan and brush brush for dusting off hands and feet =D

Must do this one with my kids. Wombat Stew. Great book and great imaginary play. #AdventuresathomewithMum #kidsbooks

Do you bring your stories to life? Lately we have taken this to another level. This is how we bought Wombat Stew to life using pre.

Lesson on Dot Painting and Aboriginal Stories from Australia

Dot Painting and Aboriginal Stories from Australia

The winner of the 2015 National NAIDOC poster competition has been announced. Congratulations to Elaine Chambers on the winning design.