How I built and painted my pegboard - by Craft & Creativity

diy painted and stitched pegboard - by Craft & Creativity - painted cross stitch, cute!

diy painted feathers

DIY Painted Feathers

doily vase

Decorate with Vintage Doilies

A Doily-Wrapped Vase and Flower VASE Tightly wrap a doily around a vase. Snip away any excess, then hand-stitch the doily securely in place to create a snug fit Read more: Decorate with Vintage Doilies - Country Living

concerete bookend or doorstop

DesignSponge DIY Geometric Concrete Paperweight - MUST, along with those concrete planters that look like bizarre architectural forms

industrial pipe bookshelf

Industrial Pipe Bookshelf Level 3 by stellableudesigns on Etsy, interior decorators de casas bedrooms design and decoration

Mixed media photography & thread. Jose Romussi

Jose Romussi Photo Embroidery

vintage photographs embroidered color - Chilean mixed media artist Jose Romussi, is making music taking beautiful vintage photographs and embroidering with color. These elegant dancers ar.

Sarah Benning embroidery

Finished this beauty just in time for Brooklyn Pop Up tomorrow Perfect for those who can't keep real plants alive (or don't have any more plant space!

bench seat

What a fun idea for garden/backyard seating: build wooden benches from scrap wood (ahem, pallets!) and paint them bright and fun colors!

ottoman by charlotte lancelot

Gan Rugs - canevas spaces by Charlotte Lancelot for gan. With the fabric covered in holes, the designs with the over-sized stitching create pixel patterns that remind me of Tetris blocks. It entertains me and makes me wish I had one too.