etam cru

Painting by ETAM CRU. The girl in a jam mural is just too awesome to not put in here. This painting is called Moonshine and can be seen on the streets of Richmond, VA, United States.

buff diss

Australian artist Buff Dis takes to the street with his "non-destructive" graffiti, aka masking tape. Australian artist Buff Dis takes.

rainbow warrior

Spilled Rainbows: Stealthy Street Art in New Mexico

Spilled Rainbows: Stealthy Street Art in New Mexico article on Apartment Therapy


Germen crew Collaborate with Mexican Government for a giant piece in Pachuca, Mexico

boa mistura

Spanish street art collective Boa Mistura were in Cape Town to film their documentary Diamond Inside.


Browse through works from internationally recognized and award winning artist Alex Brewer, better known as HENSE.

alexandre farto aka vhils

Art-of-Deconstruction Portuguese-born, London-based artist Alexandre Farto, aka Vhils, takes tagging to a new level, detonating explosives behind stenciled plaster to deconstruct his work in deserted urban environments.

tape art by max zorn

ART ‹ Max Zorn, Amsterdam Street Artist, creating Tape Art to beautify street lamps