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Isotonic contraction is a muscle contraction active against a constant load, an example would be picking up and putting down the dumbbell in the picture. Isometric contraction is when the muscle is neither elongated nor shortened. Other contractions include isokinetic (an external device controls the rate of contraction), concentric (muscle length is shortened; picking something up), and eccentric (muscle length is lengthened; putting something down). (Image obtained from Google).

Muscular Strength - muscle contraction eccentric contractions produce the greatest force; next in order come isometric (static) contraction and finally concentric contractions

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This simple exercise tool is rapidly appearing in every health club in the world. What is it that will quickly surpass the beloved balance ball-the TRX Suspension workout system. See the TRX posters.

Maybe you know TRX like the back of your hand or maybe it’s a foreign concept. TRX is an acronym for total body resistance exercise and this type of exercise is designed to reach max fitness levels using minimal equipment – a set of specialized cables.

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