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PS. It's very easy to know when you're stalking. Go find a new victim.

Hey Stalker your IP Address is showing again. Thank goodness for screen shots & emails so I can prove it. Quick, go check Rick's work email - since you took that from him too.

and quotes things i purposely left public but still denies the stalking.

I had one if these people. Even after blocked would go onto her child's and husbands site.

This page, the one you're looking at... IT'S MINE. I'll post whatever I want! If you don't like what I pin then why are you stalking me? Psycho!

~~~Wave, wave~~~ Thanks for stopping by. Now go donate a bear via the Kyron's Kubs idea to a first responder near you. Include a missing flyer, and let's FIND KYRON FIRST.