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The sea and her, an old favourite. #35mm | Instagram San Diego, Instagram, Beach Vibe, Instagram Photo, Photography Inspo, Island Girl, Photoshoot, Summer Photography, Malibu Barbie
The sea and her, an old favourite. #35mm | Instagram
a woman laying on the beach eating a banana
Déambulant sur le sable, naviguant entre les bords de plages, la fille du sud, sauvage et effrontée, vit au gré de ses émotions. En adéquation avec les courbes de son corps et sa nudité désirable, elle symbolise cette liberté enviée par tous. Une liberté de vivre simplement pour s’affranchir des codes d’une société avec toujours plus de diktats. Inspo, Fotos, Body, Fotografie, Photo, Photo Poses, Fotografia, Sade
Collier Women I Bonanza
Nice, Pose, Model, Model Poses, Photog
@isabellemathersx wears the Signature Bra Cup in Lemon
the back of a woman's head with her hair in a braid
Follow @thesaltygem for jewelry that feels like sunshine 🌞
a woman laying on top of a sandy beach covered in shells
the back of a woman's neck with seashells attached to her chest
a person holding up a shell in the air with their hand on it's side
Shop Skincare Online - Best Skincare in USA | AKT.THERAPY
Jewellery Making, Boho, Turquoise, Jewellery Display, Jewelery, Jewelry Photography Styling
Blog Luxury Jewellery photography diamonds in the Sand
a heart shaped chain is in the water
Great Barrier Reef, Ocean Inspired Jewelry, Jewelry, Passion, Worldwide, Style
Atolea Jewelry | Waterproof Jewelry, Inspired by the Ocean
✻°•.‿ The Salty Gem Pearls, Baroque, Baroque Pearls, Gold Filled, Stacked Jewelry, Gold, 14k Gold, 5mm, Unique
✻°•.‿ The Salty Gem
Unisex, Accessories, Work, Surfer Girl Style, Idées Instagram
Mala Beads - The Mala Prayer Jewelry & Mission - Blushing Rose Style Blog
Bikinis, Places, Travel Guides, Maldives, Travel Guide, Private Island, Seasons Hotel
a person's hand in the water with their feet covered by sand and plastic
honu | ocean inspired, sterling silver rings, bracelets + more.
honu | ocean inspired, sterling silver rings, bracelets + more.
Beach Life
Mauritius, Dubai, Beach Photography, Thailand, Indonesia, Beach Babe, Beach Photos
ULTIMATE MALDIVES 2.0 – salty luxe
a woman is sitting in the water with her legs spread out
Zanzibar Beaches
Jewels, Jewelry Model
New Arrivals
Ibiza, Inspiration, Ideas
Follow @thesaltygem for jewelry that feels like sunshine 🌞