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This is neat! I think it could be used at home to tho I'm being good but then warning and then so forth like you loose a show, or a favorite toy....hmmm I may try this with my son!

I thought the idea of incremental punishment is good, gradually prolonging the loss of recess time gives teachers and students room to work and improve before giving them a harsh consequence for misbehaving based on the level of misbehavior.

Outlaw "I'm Done!" in your classroom by guiding students toward these ways of thinking

Outlaw "I'm Done!" I LOVE this post from Kady at The Teacher Trap. She makes some really good points and includes suggestions for helping kids change their mindsets about rushing through their assignments.

FREE Comprehension Rating Display~ To check how the class is doing, have students hold up a whiteboard slate so only the teacher can see it. Or, have students write their number at the top of classwork papers so you know who needs some additional support. Kids don't risk embarrassment and everyone gets the help they need!

I Love My Classroom: Double Digit Multiplication and a Comprehension Freebie.I just like the rubric for understanding.

SMART Goal Setting in elementary school. Help students set SMART goals by setting strategic, measurable goals with an action plan that are realistic and timely. Included are data binders, goal setting forms, reflection pages and much, much more.

This falls under task 2 as intrinsic motivation. I think letting students set their own goals is very motivating- especially if it is paired with an extrinsic motivator like a prize if they meet their goal.

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Already do this but love the names for the voice levels on here. Here's a nice anchor chart for voice levels. I love the notion of "spy talk.

Give One – Get One is a great cooperative learning strategy and formative assessment option all in one.

Give One – Get One is a great cooperative learning strategy and formative assessment option all in one. It goes something like this: Ideas For Using This Strategy Math: List prime or composi…