Baked pasta.  A Maltese delicacy.

Nanette Johnson remembers a favourite recipe her Maltese nanna would make. It uses humble left over spaghetti, so it's true to Maltese resourcefulness.

Figs mark the impending end of summer in Malta.

Summer's end is near in Malta, but who cares a fig!

Alternative nights out in Malta.

Vinsmagning hos JORDNÆR fredag d.

Prickly pear = healthy eating.

OMGoodness, you haven't lived til you have eaten a prickly pear!

Sugar and spice

Dating back to Arabic times, and with influences from Sicily, Maltese sweets and pastries are part of the Islands' living history.

Wild rucola

That's not a weed, it's Malta's wild rocket, an edible salad leaf. Instead of buying ready-washed rucola from Sicily, go for a walk and pick some for free!

Oranges and lemons.  For sale in the most unexpected of places in Malta.

Praise to our lady for the orange harvest! Maltese oranges are plentiful, and almost a food for free.

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