Swing me to heavenly sleep

Swing me to heavenly sleep


a living room overhaul with fun changes and exciting additions to the space.


A Major characteristic of wooden pallet ideas is DIY. DIY is the do it yourself technique for home interior design with pallet ideas.

Chair dipping

Like Color dipped furniture like Lostine cutting boards. Hally's Parsons Green, communal tables with pastel colored dip dyed bentwood chairs


Another sloped ceiling, and I just fell in love with the exposed beams, that amazing window (that reminds me of a Hobbit-hole) and the hanging chair. So cozy!

Kitchen envy

Reminds me of the gorgeous kitchen at The New York House in Sharon Springs with the old chemistry cabinets from the Canajoharie school. I covet repurposed cabinets and open shelving!

So peachy

skull figures in the bedroom is unusual but I liked it!

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