Horses in Art

Painting horses, illustrating horses, drawing horses.
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a painting of a white horse on a red background
Palomino Horse painted in oils on canvas.
Palomino horse painted in oil paints on canvas.
two people are riding horses in the snow
Braving the Elements
Braving the elements oil
a large black and white painting hanging on the wall
three different images of horses running in the same direction
a painting of a horse standing on its hind legs
Elise Genest
an oil painting of a donkey's head
Gentle Jenny by Nicola Litchfield
a hand is drawing a horse's eye with white marker on paper and it appears to be close up
Painting a Day Demonstration - Gypsy Vanner by Roberta "Roby" Baer PSA
Pastel Painting Demonstration-Labrador Retriever by Roberta "Roby" Baer PSA - YouTube
a painting of a brown horse with black manes
Daniela Nikolova-Sidiropoulou Horse art -'' Entendido XXXIV'' photo-Caballos Mayoral 60/80 oil on canvas
two horses standing next to each other on a field
Stormy Day by Melissa Lloyd
"stormy day" wild horses waiting smelling a storm roll in. 24"x48" oil on board. sold, prints available.
a brown and white horse with long manes running in the snow on a white background
Painted Pony by Linda Finstad
Horse Photograph - Painted Pony by Linda Finstad
a painting of a brown horse running in the snow with its hair blowing in the wind
Love <3 her work!
an image of two horses with their heads touching each other's foreheads on instagram
a painting of a horse with brown and white paint on it's face, standing in front of a gray background
Elise Genest Arts & Chevaux
a painting of a brown horse with a bridle on
lindas fotos de caballos
lindas fotos de caballos - Buscar con Google
a painting of a horse running in the wind
Elise Genest
Je veux tout! Elise Genest Arts and Chevaux
a painting of a horse in black and white colors on a brown background is shown
Morgan Cameron
a painting of a horse with long hair