Teff pancakes with sweet dukkah and apple & pear compote

Pancakes are given a healthy makeover, with gluten-free teff flour and Greek yoghurt, and a sweet cinnamon-spiced dukkah to serve, by Yoni Kalfus.

Macadamia muesli

Wake up to Australia Day with this bright and healthy muesli, worth flying the flag for.

Bircher muesli

Pan-fried apple makes a sweet and tasty topping to this delicious, crunchy muesli.

Buckwheat pancakes with roasted rhubarb and grapes

Dress up healthy buckwheat pancakes with roasted rhubarb and grapes for a fresh take on a breakfast classic.

Baked plums with honey, pecan & oat crumble and cinnamon yoghurt drizzle

Because a muesli bar from a packet doesn& cut it, and the start of your work day deserves better. These breakfast recipes are completely portable, respectable desk-bound meals.

Cinnamon porridge

Start the day with a healthy breakfast of cinnamon porridge. This is a FODMAP friendly recipe for a Low FODMAP diet.

Crunchy granola

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so make it really nutritious with this tasty granola.

Crunchy granola with poached peaches & lavender honey

Invite some friends around for a healthy brunch of crunchy granola and beautiful poached pears.