Still On The Road Towards The 820/801 Partner Visa

Still On The Road Towards The 820/801 Partner Visa

Parap Markets Calls Me Home

Life in Darwin is not so different from Parap Markets when I stop to think about it. Multi-cultural chaos, a tsunami of delicious global flavours, and a.

Mangrove Walks at East Point Darwin

Mangrove Walks at East Point, Darwin

Sunrise At Mariners Lookout Great Ocean Road

A pre-dawn wind chills me as I’m standing on Mariners Lookout, gazing down at the tiny township of Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean Road.

A Walk Among The Great Ocean Road Redwoods

The Great Otway National Park was extended to include the Great Ocean Road redwoods, planted in the They were never cut down, and we are grateful.

Stop-off At Maits Rest Great Ocean Road

Maits Rest is about 15 minutes from Apollo Bay, and our first stop on our impromptu 2017 Great Ocean Road trip for my birthday.

Reaching The Pinnacle Grampians National Park

High on the mountains that look over the village of Halls Gap juts a formation called The Pinnacle.

A Simple Guide Freelensing For Any DSLR User

Essentially freelensing is using your DSLR without properly attaching the lens to the camera body. It’s sometimes referred to as the ‘poor man’s tilt-sh.