Where Wattle Pollen Stains The Doubting Heart 2014 | The Store by Fairfax

Where Wattle Pollen Stains The Doubting Heart 2014

Lily Pond 2004 | The Store by Fairfax

Lily Pond, by John Olsen Limited edition prints available at The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age Shops.

Popping Blue Bottles 2007

Each unframed, limited edition fine art reproduction is approved and hand signed by John Olsen. Every work is blind embossed with a frog design drawn by John Olsen and is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Strictly limited to a to


© John Olsen ~ Waterbirds 1983 ~ Limited edition fine art reproduction at Olsen Irwin Gallery Sydney Australia

The Little River

This beautiful work continues John Olsen's ongoing fascination with the fluid movement of water and the buzzing activity of animal life living on and around Australian ponds and streams. When you look closely, it is full of wild life: frogs, fish, plants

Lake Eyre 2004

JOHN OLSEN - ARTIST I am travelling to Sydney tomorrow (to do a photoshoot - another pregnant person) & I have just missed John Olsen'.

Morning at the lily pond 2015

Morning at the Lily Pond, by John Olsen. Available as a signed limited edition print of only 300 from The SMH Shop.

Onkaparinga Hills 1999 | The Store by Fairfax

Onkaparinga Hills, 1999 by John Olsen Buy signed limited edition prints from The SMH and The Age Shops.

Lake Eyre 1975

Australian Fine Art Editions featuring archival limited edition fine art reproductions by John Olsen