Elysian Landscaping.

gravel courtyard, low maintenance garden, mix of green planting, low stone water feature, by Elysian Landscapes - Gardening Design

Australian style

(native gardening) Gorgeous mix of Mediterranean and California native plants in this low-water landscape designed by Arleen Ferrara of Satori Garden Design. This is like the California version of Beth Chatto's dry garden in the UK.

Grasses, gravel and thymes-perfect example of a lush looking water wise plant mix.

Good Ideas to soften the edges of a gravel garden. Note grass planted outside the boundaries of each bed into the gravel path.

australian landscapes by ian johnson | Australian gardens – landscape & plants | GardenDrum

What makes an Australian garden ‘Australian’? Leslie Simpson, garden designer, and I think we’ve cracked the code. Listen here to Design Elements, where we’re discussing Australian themed gardens.

How to Plant a Self-Sufficient Garden | House and Leisure

Landscaper Deidre Causton of Inspirations offers some tips on how to create a self-sufficient garden that doesn't require a lot of maintenance and water.