Have you started planning yet? Check out The Curriculum Year Planner and The Ultimate Weekly Lesson Planner. Every little bit we teachers can do to make things easier and more organized is always a HUGE plus. Being able to customize things to suit your needs while using your own fabulous fonts and colors you love is just plain icing on the cake! :D For grades K-12

Back-to-School Freebies

Keep all of your weekly plans in one file. Type in your basics once then add your weekly details on a sheet for each week. Lesson plan book can be printed and/or saved on your computer.

Australian Money I Have, Who Has?

Freebie: A great tuning in game for years and Australian coins that promote the counting of collections, as stipulated in the Australian Curriculum.

Australian Curriculum Lessons - Lesson Plans, Classroom Activities and Games for Teachers Teaching in Australia

Program Your Subconscious Mind for Time Management Success: 4 Mental Techniques Used by Highly Effective People ~ Brian Tracy