Chicken and sweetcorn soup. Caroline Velik CARE PACKAGES recipes for Epicure. Photographed by Marina Oliphant. Food preparation and styling by Caroline Velik. All props stylists own.

Karen Martini recipes - i know what you like Golden Tubetti with tuna Photography by Marcel Aucar Styling by Karina Duncan

Making pesto with a mortar and pestle is satisfying and the result is quite different to a food processor. Pesto is great with lamb, tossed with pasta or gnocchi .

This bolognese can be made a couple of days in advance and even frozen, and the entire lasagne can be assembled the day before and then baked on the day, making it perfect for a dinner gathering.

A simple stew lurks beneath a golden pastry top. Serve with mashed potato, green beans and roasted tomatoe

Why go our for a cheap pub schnitty when you can make the real deal at home in just 30 minutes? Made with free range chicken coated in breadcrumbs, herbs and .

This take on Heston Blumenthal's pie isn't quick to make, but it's worth the effort.