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Cute Cat With his Mom

Mum!!! .......mum............oh what now baby? .....errr mum ive got a belly ache and it won't go! ....oh well here let me cuddle you as see if it goes! ....oh but mum!!! ....mum it wont go away and its doing my head in and our humans are too close with their clicky flashy talkie things again is why I accidentally got you by accident! ...oh don't worry baby just try and go to sleep and your belly ache might go away when you stretch out a little bit!!! ( 🐯 Jane feeney 27/1/19 a.t.a.f)

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This year was an all time low for me. Despite things that happened, I can't allow myself to fall this low again. I'm running out of energy to recover.

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Blumen brauchen Zeit zum Blühen. Gleichfalls. Source by harald_sturm