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Zero Waste Nerd: A Zero Waste Kit. I think that the stainless straw and spork is a bit over the top. But perhaps this kit would be good for people who eat out a lot (and really really love straws!). I never buy bottled water when out and I rarely buy food out (it's cheaper to bring my own from home).

Zero Waste Kit to avoid trash and disposables - Zero Waste Nerd (These really are essential, so many times I go out to a restaurant and resort to using a styrofoam to-go box or plastic straw.

I really, really WANT these! Wooden LEGOs from Mokurukku: A non-plastic alternative : TreeHugger

What if LEGO pieces were made of wood? It's hard to imagine a world without little plastic bricks, especially if you have a kid who's obsessed. But what if LEGO were made of wood? The cool part is that they actually exist.

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