Buckley Nunn art deco moderne men's store, 298-304 Bourke St, Melbourne, c 1930s

Buckley Nunn art deco moderne men's store, Bourke St, Melbourne, c First floor window were in front of The Espresso Bar.

Majorca Building built 1928 – 1929. 258-260 Flinders Lane, corner Degraves Street. Spanish style Art-Deco building with complex mosaic tile work. Built in the Interwar period in the Neo-Gothic style, by Harry Norris, who also designed the Nicholas Building and Mitchell House.

The Majorca Building is a neo-Romanesque eight-storey building in Melbourne, designed and constructed between Located at Flinders Lane, it was designed by Harry Norris, one of the most prolific architects in the city during the and

July 1947: The mean streets of Richmond have come a long way, but parts still remain recognisable today.

The streets of Richmond, Australia in the this reminds me of where charlie lived and where he ran around

The original punt on the Yarra that gave Punt Road its name. Looking southeast to South Yarra, the rise of the road is unmistakable.

Melbourne & the Yarra RiverTwickenham Ferry, Twickenham Crescent, Burnley, close to where the Mac Robertson Bridge is now. Notice the cable across the river to grab and pull boats

Flinders Street Station, 1917

HISTORY: Looking out to the street, Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, 1917 (Burton Holmes' Historical Collection)