Iluminação Natural controlada por brises de estrutura metálica

It's so odd for me to see this building without the Comic Con International it's interesting that even people who aren't at SDCC still like to photograph the Death Star Cannon interior design design design office

Gallery of Beach House / DX Architects - 6

Gallery of Beach House / DX Architects - 6

Image 6 of 18 from gallery of Beach House / DX Architects. Photograph by Aaron Pocock

Louis Kahn Kimbell Art Museum - Fort Worth, Texas

Louis Kahn Kimbell Art Museum - Fort Worth, Texas - reflecting light from one point to throughout the ceiling.

Light integration is one of the most important layer. With the wrong light, materials can seem flat, discoloured, or dark. That's why Premier Elevator uses State of the Art CAD systems to synthesize lighting before any materials are physically utilized.

Something like this in the middle of the elevator wall would be awesome. The lights could be lit but also "open" to see thru the elevator.

corredor com canteiro

Gallery of FF House / Hernandez Silva Arquitectos - 11

Minimalist House // Love the bold contrast of the rich wood, crisp white walls paired w/ glass to focus privacy while still allowing natural light into this dramatic hallway at the FF House / Hernandez Silva Arquitectos. Loving the floor windows

In the Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida Tindaya Mountain, on Fuerteventura. Chillida's idea was to create a large empty void inside, with dimensions 50 x 50 x 50 meters, with an entrance tunnel of 200 meters and two skylights.