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31 Times The Universe Was Oddly Satisfying

Nice face

The Wife's Thumb Fitting Perfectly In My Daughters Nose Bridge

I HAVE A THING FOR PICTURES OF SHOES.the most important guide of my life.If I would never wear someone's shoes.then we probably have very little in common. Order out of chaos. Sunshine after rain. Circle out of shoes.

Perfect vegetables

The world is full of mess and chaos. Here, we have 18 pictures of perfection. This grocery store's vegetables These . View Pictures So Perfect, It'll Bring Tears to Your Eyes" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Colourful piramides

Perfectionists At Work: Piles Of Spice At A Market In Marrakesh

Perfect lemonade

Nämä 15 työtehtävää on tehty täydellisesti. Kolmas kuva on hämmästyttävä!

I love straight

Perfectionists At Work: 30 Examples You Need To See - Hongkiat

15 Fotos, die Dich mehr befriedigen, als es Dein Ex-Freund je getan hat