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the interior of a restaurant with tables, chairs and shelves filled with bottles on them
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I like the greenery contrast that is portrayed here against the concrete and timber
an outdoor bar with potted plants and stools next to the stairs leading up to it
Hong Kong's go-to restaurant for Latin lovers...
Brickhouse, Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong. Spicy array of South and Central American food in intentionally weather-beaten surroundings
the singing guru is here poster with wooden shelves and planters on each side of the room
Steel rebar forms storage system at Toronto kitchen showroom
an indoor space with several planters on the wall and a sculpture in the center
Galería de Restaurante Nectar / R79 - 4
Restaurante Nectar / R79 Nectar Restaurant / R79 – Plataforma Arquitectura
two people sitting on couches in an office with a dog laying next to them
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Heavybit Industries IwamotoScott Architecture San Francisco uses windows seating for comfort, study and the view. #commercialconstruction #windowseats