Outback Dunny (Outside Toilet)

Outback Dunny (outdoor toilet), just watch out for huntsman and red-back spiders!

Public urinals...gross.

Time outs for grown ups in Europe? How to deal with misdemeanors & lesser offenses.Sadly I thought they were public urinals and was all like, "WTF?

Strange toilet in a tree

Strange toilet in a tree picture. A weird washroom setup in a hollowed out trunk. A crapper in a natural outhouse photo.

love the view

Few People believe that they spend their happiest time in toilets. So here below are some strange toilets for those people who love to spend.

public toilets :)

Here are the funny pictures on signs. Everything from road signs to funny brands. See another funny sign

Mirror Bathroom.

I would shove my face against the side of it and make the person on the inside feel super uncomfortable.<<OH GOSH. But why is this even a thing in the first place?

More amazing toilet facilities

More amazing toilet facilities