Lumber as main material for the house while reducing cement to create an honest and straightforward characteristic

Gallery of Lumber Shaped-Box House / Atelier Riri - 15

Stairs at lumber Shaped-Box House in Jakarta, Indonesia by Atelier Riri - Concrete steps


Corian® cantilevered staircase LUXO SURFACES - OFFICINE SANDRINI Tg: concerned glare at eye level or above. Solution turn steps on a few at a time on the way up, but could give good contrast on the way down

Casa B+G | Oscar Hernandez / STVX Productora

Casa B+G by ADI Arquitectura y Diseño Interior - Photographer Oscar Hernández

Wowza, what an entry!!

Love the window, stair colors, wall design, EVERYTHING French Entryway. Unbelievable white entry foyer and curved staircase, fabulous trim

Ábaton arquitectos

Cuando el lujo es el espacio, Ábaton y sus proyectos sostenibles

A sinuous spiral staircase graces the entry of a traditional plantation style home.

Ginger Barber design, architecture by Russell Windham, Luxe magazine, photo by Nick Johnson Stairway to heaven .