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an image of a house in the middle of water with words above it that read modern house design
Sleep Underwater in Dubai's 'Floating Seahorse' Homes | Underwater Resorts | Over-the-Top Luxury Resort | Islands
The Floating Seahorse House. For a cool $1.8 mil, it could be yours. Could you live underwater?
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by white stucco and blue water at dusk with the sea in the background
Santorini Greece. Of all the places in the world, this is my 1st choice to go
Santorini Greece. Of all the places in the world, this is my 1st choice to go | HoHo Pics
people are sitting on the top of a structure in the sky above a city at night
9 Crazy Restaurants That Are Vacations On Their Own
Hanging Restaurant, Belgium 50 meters above ground dining event arranged by a professional event arranger of Benji Fun company. It provides seating for 22 complete with Chef, server, musician and you can select your own location without limitation. Guaranteed safety with the hoisting crane which can accommodate a whole band of musicians
an aerial view of a water slide in the ocean
Family holiday at Citta del Mare. Closest airport Palermo, Italy. Think kidlets will have to be a smidge older to enjoy!
an artist's rendering of a futuristic building in the middle of a body of water
Now that is a groundbreaking design: The lavish £345million five-star CAVE hotel being built in an abandoned Chinese quarry
people are swimming in an outdoor pool with cityscape in the background at night
Pool on 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore
a woman laying on top of a white bed next to a swimming pool and net
three pigs and two people in the water
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a person is swimming in an ice cave
The “Cave Suite” in a Mykonos hotel - FunSubstance
The “Cave Suite” in a Mykonos hotel
a person swimming in a river with blue water and trees on either side that is surrounded by greenery
Made to Explore | Value Travel & Adventure Blog
Kawasan Falls, Phillipines
many people are walking on a bridge over some rocks and mountains with birds flying in the sky
Pair Of Giant Cradling Hands Suspend A Golden Bridge In The Bà Nà Hills Near Da Nang, Vietnam | CutesyPooh
a woman standing on the edge of a cliff next to blue water and rocky cliffs
Great Places You Might Need to See on Our Planet
Great Places You Might Need to See on Our Planet - Millpu Natural Pools, Ayacucho, Peru
a woman is wading in the water near a waterfall
TrovaTrip: Group Travel Trips Hosted By Content Creators
The beautiful natural hot springs of Tuscany, Italy 🇮🇹 💙