2nd year

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two pictures side by side, one with cookies and the other with dog shaped cookie cutters
slices of bread with cat faces on them
Delicious 010
bear pizza (cr: michelles.belle on tiktok)
the pizza is decorated with cats and vegetables
small pizzas with teddy bears on them sitting on top of each other in the shape of people
Pizza Party | Reheat Pizza In Oven | Pizza Bread | Reheat Pizza In Frying Pan
the bread is shaped like a cat with hot dogs on it
TikTok · Michelle Lu
there are pictures of different types of pastries on the table with text that reads three treats for a purrrffect cat - themed party
A Cat Themed Party with Kitten-Like Sandwiches, Happy Cat Pizza and Kitty Cat Cake Pops
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Kitten party
four cookies with pink and white icing on them are arranged in the shape of paw prints
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