Max Dupain sparked my love of photography as a child. His photos are classically beautiful and Australian.

Scott Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby Penguin Classics, 2000 Cover: "Untitled (Bathing Suits by Izod)" by George Hoyningen-Huene, from Vogue, July 1930

Max Dupain Photography 2

P&O Style: AKD + Philip Cox + Max Dupain

max dupain photo of his future wife, photographing a fashion shoot, bondi beach. 1957....

This silver gelatin print by Olive Cotton provides a rare, early glimpse ‘behind the scenes’ at an outdoor fashion shoot. The photographer is Max Dupain and the model, Noreen Hallard.

Max Dupain- iconic influence on Australian photography

Max Dupain Maxwell Spencer Dupain is regarded as one of Australia’s greatest photographers. He stressed simplicity and directness in his work, creating images of sharp focus, boldness and.

Photo Max Dupain 1911 - 1992

Author - Max Dupain - Nude Kneeling In Sand Dune, Cronulla - silver gelatin