Giggle and Hoot cake

Giggle and Hoot cake - There’s a children’s show in Australia called Giggle and Hoot and my little boy is a huge fan. This mini 4 inch cake made him smile! All decorations are made from fondant.

Hoot cake by sweettandcake

I have now made little ole hoot 3 times now and i think i get better at him every time. This gorgeous little design is inpired by the hootabelle cake.

Giggle and Hoot Cake

This Owl is called ‘Hoot’, from a popular children’s television show in Australia, ‘Giggle and Hoot’.

Giggle and Hoot cake.

Giggle and Hoot cake. Original design and colours by Simply Cakes Melbourne. Just omitted Jimmy Giggle as there was no more time.