Dhungala  (mighty river) aka Murray River

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How To Care For The River Murray Rainbow Fish…The Australian rainbowfish or Melanotaenia fluviatilis, known less commonly as the Murray river rainbowfish or the Crimson-spotted rainbowfish, is a species of freshwater rainbowfish endemic to Australia. They are very colourful, hence their name; males of this species are more colourful than females.Australian rainbowfish can reach maximum lengths of 11 centimetres (4.3 in), but the males are usually...(continue reading please click an above…

How To Care For The River Murray Rainbow Fish…The Australian rainbowfish.

Murray River Cod Postcard

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Golden perch -                                              Yellowbelly - breeding

Breeding information for Golden Perch (Yellowbelly), which are an Australian native freshwater fish of the Murray Darling River System and in the South is also known as Callop. At Aquablue Seafoods we grow Golden Perch in freshwater farm dams and ponds.

I was born on the Murray River....

New Water Minister Barnaby Joyce is considering reviving a comprehensive audit of the health of the Murray-Darling Basin after it was axed by state governments three years ago.

River murray cod

Murray River fishing offers different fish types.