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ABORIGINAL SEASONS: Capturing traditional ecological knowledge in northern Australia. A series of calendars representing Aboriginal seasonal knowledge.


Pin An example of a seasonal calendar from northeast Arnhem Land describing the food available with the season cycle. Students to create their own calendar with food available from your local area.

Twelve Canoes

Twelve Canoes: This site is amazing, traditional stories of Indigenous Australia

Image map of Indigenous weather locations in Australia

This interactive map allows students to study and compare different regions of Australia and discover how Indigenous Australians have described the weather and seasons for generations.

Indigenous Weather Knowledge - Introduction to Climate Culture

An introduction to understanding the weather from an Indigenous Australian perspective. Various links are provided within this site to Indigenous Australian groups in a variety of regions in Australia, all with different weather climates.

Geogspace Stage 1 Weather Exemplar

GeogSpace is an initiative of the Australian Geography Teachers Association (AGTA) supported by the resources of Education Services Australia (ESA). GeogSpace offers quality primary and secondary geography resource materials for all teachers of geography.

Indigenous seasons across northern Australia - Geography (1,4)

Indigenous seasons across northern Australia - Geography

Ngan'gi calendar

Ngan'gi knowledge holders from the Nauiyu Nambiyu community in the Daly River region of Northern Territory worked with CSIRO to create a seasonal calendar.