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a white ceramic ornament with a quote on it that says, love me when i least reserve it because that is when i really need it
Weekend Inspiration: Apply this to Parenting...
Heading on the blog I found this quote on: Apply this to Parenting...
a heart with the words sometimes the two people who are truly best for each other will have to face greater obstacles in order to be with each other -&nbsplovendar Resources and Information.
So don't give up so easily!
a glass plate with a quote on it that says, be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter
Ben's Garden 'Be Who You Are' Trinket Tray | Nordstrom
Favorite quote ever!!!!
a pink poster with the words i believe in pink
i believe in pink free download
I believe in pink ♥ Love this quote by Audrey Hepburn
two people hugging each other with the caption saying i want a hug not just a normal hug, one of those that takes my breath away give me butterflies and make me smile
Heartfelt Love And Life Quotes: I want a hug.
its not just a hug.. its me saying i love you and i never want you to leave my world. you are my world