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Travel Bucket List

Trolltunga - Norway, while I'd never sit on the edge of that thing, it would be awesome to see! From an appropriate, safe and respectful distance!

You look a little short on rocks to grab, I'll throw you some--in your face!  (Cheeky goat) ;)

Austria "Stubborn goat" Love this. Please watch falling rocks and goats. Reminded me of the mountain goats in grecce

Ice Climber by on @deviantART

The Art Of Animation, Goro Fujita [ladies and gents, I proudly present the piece "Holy Cow Perspective"]

The road to wisdom? — Well, it's plain and simple to express:~ Err, and err, and err again ~ but less, and less, and less. ~~ Piet Hein

I do not understand why people do this! I mean The only way you'll ever see me rock climbing is at the fair plastic rocks and a rope= safety

The most perfect mountain on earth...... :: SuperTopo Rock Climbing Discussion Topic - page 2

Climbing on the steep snow covered rocks of Cerro Torre in Southern Patagonia.

Ice climbing at night in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. - title Prisoner

Prisoner - by Paul Zizka. Jeff Thom makes his way up the main ice flow at Panther Falls on a perfect moonlit night. It was a bit of tight squeeze getting to that spot, but I couldn't pass up the framing.

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People journeyed to the top of Mount Everest for this moment when they could see the beauty and stand atop the entire world. Little did they know that the view would come with a heavy price.

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Hahahaha Juddy te Brownlow, Buddy the Coleman, Jimmy the Normsmith and Nick Maxwell who won the toss.