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a blue table and two chairs in a room
Ways to Revamp Your Home Decoration Effectively
Changing furniture with the latest furniture is an interesting and inspiring idea. This folding dining table will be the perfect choice, because it can be adjusted according to needs. Then you can pair it with a chair so it will look perfect. Folding Dining Table from @epitome_designs
a closet filled with lots of pink purses and handbags on top of white shelves
Spring Cleaning Ideas For a Fresh Start - Matchness.com
Arrange the closet that you have with a neat and orderly arrangement. Take out items that are rarely used, for example, you can donate clothes, bags and shoes that are still usable. Or you can just throw it away when the item you have is damaged, torn and not suitable for use. Donate Clothing from @agv_my_lifestyle #springcleaningideas #homecleaningideas
Essential Plumbing Inspection Checklist for Every Home
Plumbing issues can arise abruptly and potentially lead to catastrophic consequences. However, by conducting periodic inspections of essential plumbing fixtures, you can detect and address emerging problems before they turn into emergencies. To perform a comprehensive inspection, it’s crucial to focus on high-use areas with numerous plumbing fixtures, such as the kitchen and bathroom. #plumbing #plumbingissue #plumbingmaintenance #plumbingfixture
an electronic door lock on a white wall
Secure Your Home with Smart Lock: A Comprehensive Guide - Matchness.com
With this Smart Lock your house look sophisticated. This smart lock can be connected via cellphone, application, and website. Smart Lock from @macmediainc #choosingsmartlocktips #homedevice #hometechnology #smartlock
some shelves with books and vases on them in a living room or dining room
42 Corner Shelves That Change your Home Decor Become More Beautiful - Matchness.com
The thing to be placed in your awkward spot and can give a good function at the same time is the shelves. Shelves here are not only dedicated to put your books but also other things like your collections, appliances, decorative plants and more. You can even make it as your extra storage place. We have prepared some great examples for the corner shelves with its design and placement in gallery down below. Hope you can get the inspiration. ig @ultra_shelf #cornershelvesideas
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place under a blue painted ceiling above a fireplace
Vertical Decorating Techniques to Make Your Small Space Look Stylish - Matchness.com
To give the illusion that the ceiling looks higher, you can use a different paint between the walls and the roof. Blue and white paint makes a combination that will never fail. Currently, you can use glossy ceiling paint to make it look sleeker when exposed to the reflection of the lights around it. Glossy Blue Ceiling Color from @matteetglossy #verticaldecoratingtechniques #smallspacedecorating
a staircase with pictures on the wall and a green bench in front of it next to a stair case
Welcome Your Guests with these 27 Foyer Decor Ideas - Matchness.com
Presenting a carpet in the foyer decoration is a very interesting idea. Because the carpet that is spread on the floor will keep your feet warm and also give an attractive appearance. A throw blanket on the table will provide warmth if needed. This decoration idea is quite simple but will never fail to try. Throw blanket and carpet from @katiebowlinghome #foyerdecorideas
a living room filled with furniture and large windows
Home Improvement: Lighting Options - Matchness.com
This living room has a large accent window on one wall. Using a window like this will provide natural lighting and allow sunlight to enter the house. Combined with wood accents, it also manages to give a rustic impression to this living room design. Large Natural Light from @home_decor_daily #choosinglightingtips #homeimprovement #homelighting #lightingideas
a dining room table and chairs in front of a large window with curtains on it
Vertical Decorating Techniques to Make Your Small Space Look Stylish - Matchness.com
Who would have thought that using high drapes could give the illusion of a more open and spacious room? Yes, you can try it in a small open living room decoration that blends in with the dining room decoration. Choose only thin drapes to maximize the entry of sunlight into the room. You can also open this part of the drapes during the day so you don’t turn on the lights during the day, wouldn’t that save more electricity too? ig @10_interiors #verticaldecoratingtechniques #smallspacedecorating
energy efficient home improvement for your home with pictures of windows and the words, energy efficiency improvement for your home
Energy Efficiency Improvement for Your Home
It can be said that energy is the main thing that will let us live well. From the home appliances to simply the lighting, it needs energy. So, what about doing energy efficiency for your home? #homeimprovement #energyefficiency #homeenergy
an instagram photo with books on a shelf next to a bed and a potted plant
Need Help with Your Condo Decor? Check these 19 Ideas - Matchness.com
The headboard is one piece of furniture that will never fail for your bedroom decorating ideas. This time you can use a headboard which is equipped with bookshelves to make it more multifunctional. You will never fail to use this type of headboard for your condo decoration ideas because it is very practical and very space-saving. Multifunctional Headboard from @smartmakaan #condodecor
a solar panel mounted to the side of a pole
Things You Should Provide when Building a House - Matchness.com
There are many things that you have to pay attention to when building a house, one of which is a power plant. Solar panels are a perfect choice because solar panels generate electricity using sunlight, making it more environmentally friendly. This time you can use a standing solar panel so that it is simpler and can still work perfectly. Standing Solar Panels from @unrivaled_solar #buldingahouse #homedesignideas
a skateboard sitting on top of a white shelf next to a wall with books
How to Eliminate Pests in Your Home - Matchness.com
Don’t let the corners of your house have pests that will disturb your comfort. What you can do now is sweep it every day and vacuum it using a sophisticated vacuum cleaner. Clean Corner Room Ideas from @bobbysmall_ #homemaintenance #pestscontrol
a dog laying on the floor in a kitchen
Minimalist Decorations: These are the Ultimate Guides to Create a Minimalist Decor - Matchness.com
Adjust the use of lights with the theme or style of your room. Look at this minimalist kitchen decoration with white nuances, doesn’t it look perfect with the use of glass bulb lighting that can be hung right above the kitchen island you are using. Use more than one lamp so that it can be used as the main lighting. Glass Bulb Lighting from @minimalistcali #minimalistdecoration
moving boxes stacked on top of each other with the words tips for expedite moving process
Tips for Expedite Moving Process
Another tip you should do is add a label to each box. This will make your goods neater and more organized. In addition, when unloading you will never have trouble getting the items you need. Therefore, adding labels to the boxes is a tip you can’t miss. #homemoving #moving #homeimprovement #movingtips