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Good friends make each other laugh. Really good friends go for the snort

20 Cute Friendship Quotes A Friend is someone you can laugh with, cry with, fight with and fall in love with. Friendship is the comfort of knowing that even when you feel like you’re alone, y…

lol. minion u are right for everything here. 30 Minions Humor Quotes

Some Really funny memes from your favorite minions, hope you enjoy Minions Humor Quotes 30 Minions Humor Quotes Minions Humor Quotes Minions Humor Quotes Minions Humor

Fiji Water has taught me the process of how their company gains aces to the supply of water and distributes it to several sources. This is important to me because I am a huge fan of this water from the look to the feel of this water I believe it's the best water company I've crossed so far.

Thanks to a certain druggie at my school, all I ever notice when I drink Fiji Water is how it's possible to make the bottle into a bong.

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Or maybe we are. The watches that kept our memories as Timelords were destroyed by the Daleks during the time war. The Doctor may have hidden the Timelords somewhere, but not all of them.<<you are so kind