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20 Things Your Mum Said to You While You Was Growing Up ENGLISH Bible 1 Because I Said So 2 Wait an See 3 Ask Your Dad 4 No Pudding Unless You Finish Your Dinner 5 Lf Someone Asked You to Jump Off a Cliff Would You? 6 I've Told You a Thousand Times 7 Say Pardon Not 'What' 8 What Did Your Last Slave Die Of? 9 You'll Take Someone's Eye Out With That 10 It'll All End in Tears 11 I Want Never Gets 12 Close the Door You Weren't Born in a Barn 13 Don't Sit That Close to the Tv You'll Get Square Eyes 14 There Is No Such Word as 'Can't' 15 Who Is 'She'? The Cats Mother 16 Carrots Make You See in the Dark 17 if You Eat Your Crusts You'll Get Curly Hair 18 Don't Make That Face Ifthe Wind Changes You'll Stay Like That 19 Do as Say Not as I Do 20 Back on My Day How Many of These Did Your Mum Use? | Meme on ME.ME

20 things your mum said to you While you was growing up ENGLISH Bible 1. Because I said so 2. Wait an see 3. Ask your dad 4. No pudding unless you finish your dinner 5. lf someone asked you to jump off a cliff would you? 6. I've told you a thousand times 7. Say pardon, not 'what' 8. What did your last slave die of? 9. You'll take someone's eye out with that 10. It'll all end in tears 11 I want, never gets 12. Close the door you weren't born in a barn 13. Don't sit that close…

'Shoreline Fun” Boxed Christmas Cards by Tom Browning depicts Santa at the beach building a sand snowman. Tropical Christmas, Beach Christmas, Coastal Christmas, Father Christmas, Christmas In July, Christmas Pictures, Holiday Fun, Vintage Christmas, Christmas Cards

Shoreline Fun | Santa Claus Figurines and Hand Carved Wooden Santas

Shoreline Fun Beach Print. This fine art paper print depicts Santa at the beach making a cute little snowman out of sand, seaweed, some driftwood and sheshell buttons. Shoreline Fun is printed on high

You Grew Up In Australia In The These Photos Are Your Whole Childhood "Never eat soggy Weetbix" – Ancient Australian proverb."Never eat soggy Weetbix" – Ancient Australian proverb. Australian Memes, Aussie Memes, Australian Food, Australian Animals, Australia Funny, Australia Day, Australia Photos, Best Funny Jokes, Funny Memes

If You Grew Up In Australia In The '90s, These Photos Are Your Whole Childhood

"Never eat soggy Weetbix" – Ancient Australian proverb.

Bankcard New Zealand 1970s Childhood, My Childhood Memories, Childhood Toys, Sweet Memories, Vintage Advertisements, Vintage Ads, Nostalgia 70s, Kids Growing Up, 80s Kids

Credit Card Finder - Get a better deal in September 2020 | Finder

Find your next credit card on Finder and compare 250+ expert reviews of rewards, low rate and 0% balance transfer cards available in Australia.

Bonnie and Neil - Australiana done well Christmas Decorations Australian, Australian Christmas, Australian Native Flowers, Australian Birds, Bird Wallpaper, Fabric Wallpaper, Graphic Design Illustration, Illustration Art, Illustrations

7 brands nailing contemporary Australiana - We Are Scout

Contemporary Australiana is being embraced by Australian brands and designers, and importantly by us. We love it in our homes. Here are 7 brands nailing it.

NT Travel: Bush Banana (Leichhardtia australis) - Flora and Fauna of Central Australia, Northern Territory Exotic Food, Exotic Fruit, Exotic Plants, Eat Fruit, Fruit And Veg, Fruits And Vegetables, Australian Plants, Australian Bush, Fruit Trees

Bush Banana

The bush banana is a climbing woody vine found growing on other shrubs and trees, and often difficult to see among the trees own leaves. The bush banana has creamy flowers, and thick narrow leaves that grow from a short stalk.

Bush Tucker Field Guide by Les Hiddins Australian Native Garden, Australian Plants, Australian Bush, Aboriginal Food, Aboriginal Education, Edible Plants, Edible Garden, Bush Garden, Native Foods

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Violet Crumble was one of the key products made by Hoadley's. I loved Tex bars and Polly Waffles. I don't remember Clancy Bars. Love someone to re-make these retro chocolate bars using original recipes! Any billionaires out there interested? Retro Candy, Vintage Candy, Vintage Labels, Australian Candy, Australian Icons, Violet Crumble, Vintage Food Posters, Biscuits, Mom Birthday Gift

Vivat Vintage

I like vintage stuff. Mostly from 1940-1970. Much of the content here comes from the Australian...

Louie the Fly (My Brother in law got the nick name Louie because of that commerc. - Australia - Louie the Fly (My Brother in law got the nick name Louie because of that commercial ) - Australian Icons, Australian Vintage, Fear Of Flying, I Remember When, My Childhood Memories, Teenage Years, Back In My Day, Old Tv, My Memory

Louie the Fly

Louie the Fly Louie da fly, I'm Louie da fly Straight from rubbish tip to you... Spreading disease with the greatest of ...