♥Joaninhas no Controle Biológico das Pragas

i have been trying to find the name of this "string of pearls" plant for years! beautiful urn with hen and chicks and a very nice showing of string of pearls hanging over edge

de trap

Drift San José

Drift-San-Jose-Maggie-Davis-and-Vanessa-Smith-Tiny-Atlas-Quarterly-chiara stella home 1 Cactus, cow-boys, désertique

Zona de descanso exterior

Landform Consultants - St Margarets Contemporary Garden design - Ideal for the garden of the house Id like to fix up - Gardening Life

Idea para una casa más amplia

Simple water feature or art, with an artistic back drop on wall, surrounded by soft scape. Jan Blok is the forerunner of innovative garden design in Southern Africa.