Herfstkleuren rood en geel

Gardening Autumn - Buckauer Herbst by Prinz Wilbert, landscaping, landscape design, gardening - With the arrival of rains and falling temperatures autumn is a perfect opportunity to make new plantations

A garden which nestles into the surrounding landscape, mixing native and exotic plantings for foliage and textural interest. The use of locally sourced materials with drought hardy and frost tolerant plants.

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Poa poiformis Coast Tussock Grass - Australian native plants - Canberra appropriate

Native Australian Tussock Grass (indigenous varieties in VIC) - Poa poiformis (& poa morrisii?

Hakea laurina

Kodjet (Hakea laurina) ~ This plant native to Australia is definitely unique and is widely cultivated and admired. Other common name for this plant that bears intricately pretty flowers includes Pincushion Hakea and Emu Bush.

Eucalyptus crenulata

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