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pinterest: karlirowl ♢♢♢

pinterest: karlirowl ♢♢♢

noorunnahar: ““All the sad things are either written about people or deaths or wars or heartbreaks. My kind of sad starts with an unfinished…

Writing journal entries by Noor Unnahar. Out Of A Writer's Misery, Group Something VS Group Nothing

A Pakistani lifestyle + design blog with a mix of art, photography and book discussions. - written by Noor Unnahar.

best of art journal: october glory: Noor's Place - Design + Creativity twisted in Pakistani Lifestyle

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best art journal entries from the month of November with poetry by Noor Unnhar. This post is full of artsy and aesthetically pleasing photos and journal entries you will enjoy *winks*

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Minimalist Art Journal, Minimalist Bullet Journal inspiration and ideas, How to start a Bullet Journal, Bullet Journal Inspiration

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Wow this is so sad people are so lovely, complex, and heartbreaking