image from buzzy bee girl (a great blog about bees) Bees are on the decline, particularly honey bees. Without bees and other pollinators, every gardener knows that plants just won’t do what they are meant to. This summer, I noticed in my own garden the proliferation of squash blossoms that never became zucchini and pumpkins, …

Encouraging Native Bees with Insect Walls

zen-industrial Alternatively these creations by Greg Corman of Zen Industrial in Tucson, Arizona are created from salvaged materials. Greg uses his scuplture to provide habitats for native, stingless bees (not honeybees).

Ground cover banksia - so gorgeous

Gardening Autumn - Ground cover banksia - so gorgeous More - With the arrival of rains and falling temperatures autumn is a perfect opportunity to make new plantations

Fiona Brockhoff Design » Coast & country landscape design

Love the soft green bushy plants. Sleepers as pathway is nice but don't think we want stones in between. Like some of the flowers & trees in background too.