New collection of the Spanish firm GAN, proposes to stimulate creativity making it easy for each one of us to redesign our spaces'.

The Trenza Taupe pouf from Gan comes in two sizes and makes a great pouf or ottoman in any living space.

Black furniture and frames add simple contrast to this Swedish cottage entry with light pine floors and white beadboard  walls and ceiling.

Modern black and white farmhouse entryway styled with an antique black cabinet, black framed mirrors and a contemporary white chair - Modern Farmhouse Ideas & Decor

Masterpiece Buildings That Turn Concrete Into Poetry

10 Masterpiece Buildings That Turn Concrete Into Poetry

Church of the Light, Ibaraki, Japan, A cross cut into the entire concrete end wall meets the ceiling, floor and side walls of this small residential church by architect Tadao Ando.

"unfinished" wall with plaster over brick.  a) I love this blog (apartment therapy)  and b) I'm really getting interested in this idea

Quirky "Unfinished" Paint Jobs

the wall! - love the brick wall texture mixed with the softer fabrics and the antlers. Industrial decor mixed with Scandinavian decor and some rustic decor

Treehuts / Smooth Yeti

Cabin In The Patagonia Fjords / Armando Montero + Samuel Bravo, Argentina

This pendant light balances several material elements.     What makes great design great is not a trendy technique, but the logic and conceptual aspect that was figured out in the designer’s mind – or on more likely, on paper – before a mouse cursor ever opened Photoshop.  — Kyle Meyer

Round Pendant This pendant light balances several material elements. The smooth cascading concrete shade is engineered perfectly to fit with the polished nickel fixture. The silver threaded cord adds a vintage flair to this modern ensemble.