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Learn how powerful your mind really is and how the quality of your thinking determines your entire experience of life. These posts will help you clear out negativity at a deep level to feel more peaceful, more uplifted and happier.
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Megan Chambers 2 SIMPLE EXERCISES TO GET CONTROL OF YOUR MIND  You may think that in order to get control of your mind you have to become a Buddhist monk and meditate in the mountains of Tibet for 5 years. But this is not the case at all. In fact, a big, noisy city is a great place to learn because if you can control your mind there you can control it anywhere.

Conquer the ‘East meets West’ City of Asia at Rambler Garden Hongkong.

Megan Chambers 9 TIPS TO MAKE A BIG DECISION, NOT A BIG MISTAKE  Some decisions are huge and can literally change your life. In this post, I give you 9 creative techniques to help your decision-making so that your big decision doesn’t become a big mistake. Some techniques engage the right side of your brain to access your creativity and intuition, while others engage the left side of your brain to access your analytical and practical side for balanced decision making.

Some decisions can change your life. Here are 9 creative techniques to help your decision-making so that your big decision doesn't become a big mistake.

Megan Chambers HOW TO LIFT YOUR PRODUCTIVITY BY DOING LESS  In the Western world, the values of production, materialism and consumption have served us well in terms of raising living standards. But our excessive focus on ‘doing’ has led to imbalance - we no longer know how to just be, even feeling guilty if we’re not being productive. There is energy and wisdom in being so if you want to be more Zen at work it’s time to reclaim this valuable state of mind.

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Megan Chambers ARE YOU A SLAVE TO YOUR UNCONSCIOUS MIND? Your unconscious mind is more powerful than your conscious mind and you can unknowingly be a slave to its negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions. Thankfully, a number of methods can reveal these so you can release them. While most are advanced techniques, here I describe a fun and easy one so you can make an ally of your unconscious mind rather than being its slave.

Are you a slave to your unconscious mind's negative thoughts & emotions? Try this fun technique to uncover them & make an ally of your unconscious mind.

Megan Chambers WANT LESS PAIN? IT'S A MATTER OF CHOICE There’s a cultural story we tell ourselves, that we are helpless victims of other people’s actions and external events – weather, the stock market, redundancy, etc. But what if this were not true and we actually had a choice as to whether we allowed ourselves to feel harmed?

Our cultural story is that we are helpless victims of other people’s actions and external events. But what if it was our choice whether we feel harmed?

Megan Chambers HOW TO LET GO OF A BAD RELATIONSHIP, WITH LOVE  It’s easy to respond to people’s attacks on you with anger and defensiveness. But it’s possible to train yourself to respond with love instead. While this is not easy, the peace you will experience is well worth the effort.

It’s easy to respond to people’s attacks with defensiveness. But you can train yourself to respond with love instead - the results are worth the effort.

Megan Chambers 7 STEPS TO USING YOUR INTUITION AS A GUIDING LIGHT  How comfortable are you with using your intuition for guidance, as a source of information? Some consider intuition unreliable because of its mysterious nature – no-one really understands what it is or how it works. But we all drive cars without understanding how the engine works. In the same way, we can practice using intuition on small things until it becomes a trusted friend. Then you’ll wonder how you ever lived without…

There is a part of your mind that knows all things and has the answers to all your problems. Learn to tap into it for unwavering guidance.

Megan Chambers FOR A STRONG BUSINESS GET INTO YOUR RIGHT MIND  Leaders are much more powerful than they realise, influencing the lives of their team members and therefore their team members’ family and friends. Their decision of whether to be in their Right Minds or Wrong Minds powerfully influences not only their team members’ lives but their team’s and company’s culture and performance.

Leaders' decision to be in their right minds or wrong Minds powerfully influences their team members' lives and their team's employee engagement.

Megan Chambers 6 STEPS TO CREATE A GROWTH MINDSET AND THRIVE  Stanford University Psychologist, Carol S. Dweck has uncovered a concept that can either help your life be happy and fulfilled or dramatically decrease your success and enjoyment of life. Cultivating a growth mindset and kicking your fixed mindset can make all the difference.

6 steps to create a growth mindset and thrive! Kick your fixed mindset, increase your success & enjoyment of life. Based on the book Mindset by Carol Dweck.

Megan Chambers EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT MISTAKES AND HOW TO FIX THEM  Research into employee engagement has been around for decades. Despite this, leaders continue to do things that disengage their staff. This blog post looks at some common manager behaviours that lead to disengagement and gives examples of how a simple shift in perspective can help leaders view their actions in a new light and retain their people’s valuable skills.

Dilbert comic strip for from the official Dilbert comic strips archive.

Megan Chambers ARE YOUR JUDGEMENTS BLOCKING YOUR HAPPINESS? PART 2  If you want peace at home and work, it’s important to honestly look at where you’re judging others. Only by seeing that they are just like you and withdrawing this judgement will you experience lasting happiness. Withdrawing judgement is the definition of forgiveness.

If you want peace it’s important to look at your judgements of others. Only by seeing that they're just like you will you experience lasting happiness.