Bourke Street in the rain.

Melbourne - Add to the list of my favorite cities! Bourke Street Mall see the Causeway Inn sign on the left.

Royal arcade

London is full of beautiful architecture, and the shopping arcades are a standout for any visitor >> Royal Arcade Old Bond Street , London


-historic type of shopping arcade. Royal Arcade is a heritage shopping arcade in the central business district of Melbourne, Victoria. Originally constructed in

The best coffee and cafes are found in the lane-ways of Melbourne, Australia. (Hardware Lane at Lunchtime by Christine Smith)

The best coffee and cafes are found in the lane-ways of Melbourne, Australia. (Hardware Lane at Lunchtime) Melbourne laneways.

Melbourne Victoria Australia. Centre Place/Degraves St. City

Degraves lane – it almost feels like Europe with a hipster spin. For a very real Melbourne vibe, head to Hardware lane.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne Australia

Such a beautiful day in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne Australia. My mom and I were looking up at a layer of, what we thought were plants/shrubs, when it hit both of us that there were hundreds of bats upside down sleeping.

melbourne laneways, miss this place!!

melbourne laneways, in melbourne, it is considered cool to be sitting on a milk crate, sipping on your coffee

King Street, Melbourne, aerial

A King Street aerial, notice the heart shaped plant room on the top of the building opposite the Stock Exchange. - Travel x Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne's Laneways include the heritage protected Scott Alley.

Some of the most important and unique public spaces are provided by Melbourne's Laneways. An environment for enjoyable social interaction also playing a key part .