Awesome outdoor play space for kids.

Awesome outdoor play space for kids incorporating sand, rocks, tree stumps and water play.

Documenting what we saw in the garden

Documenting what we saw in the garden. Student doing documentation just involves printing photos out

Outdoor kitchen at Cozy Kids Childcare (",)

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Sand Play

Early Learning at ISZL, Reggio Emilia. Sand Play and other ideas. Check out natural materials for building area.

Outdoor Area Displays

Interest Area Poster with info on how specific interest area benefits children while they play. It also links the EYLF Learning Outcomes and QIAS principles.

Gross Motor Development

This is a great gross motor activity for preschool children through school age children. Gross motor skills are very important and help children run, jump, roll, climb, and balance in general.

Outdoor kitchen

This is such a great idea for an outdoor environment. It fits into the outdoor space naturally, because of the wood it is made of, its a great addition.

Pallett cubby house

We have used just 3 shipping pallet skids and formed this DIY pallet playhouse out of them with a very simple arrangement. We have just floored one pallet and