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I'm Bored
I'm Bored
Color Reveal Science, baking soda and vinegar
Difficulty: Easy Supplies: • Muffin pan • Baking soda • White vinegar • Food coloring (liquid kind) • Pipettes or spoon
an open file cabinet filled with lots of papers and folders on top of each other
A Simple System for Organizing Kids' School Papers and Memorabilia
three pictures with construction vehicles painted on them
Construction Site Footprint Craft - The Keeper of the Cheerios
a handprinted leaf is shown on a wooden surface with the word vav written in it
the summer bucket list for kids
The Ultimate Summer Bucket List Printable!
Add to your summer fun with this free printable Summer Bucket List. Kids and adults will have a ball completing this free list.
some bunny loves you handprinted card
Footprint Bunny Craft - FREE printable keepsake card
a paper bag with leaves on it and the words zacchaus craft freebie
The Story of Zacchaeus
The story of Zacchaeus is a wonderful Bible story to help teach children kindness. He was a man no one really liked but Jesus went to his house. Come grab this free printable Bible craft to go along with your next lesson about Zacchaeus. #books #Bible #crafts #kidscrafts #kids #children #printables
the god made a colorful world bookmarks for kids to use in their homeschool
Free Sunday School Printables
Sunday School Printables - share with a christian teacher or use as bible crafts for the kids. #sundayschool #printables #freeprintables #sundayschoollesson #prints #frugalcouponliving #freeprintables #awana #bible #biblestudy #bibleart
the letter s is made out of paper and has flowers on it, with an image of
Chrech, #Chrech #Eastersunday #resurrect
Chrech, #Chrech #Eastersunday #resurrect Chrech, #Chrech #Eastersunday
a paper plate with a cross on it and some other items in the shape of an egg
Pinspired by Religious Easter c
Pinspired by Religious Easter craft for preschool. Black cross for Jesus dying for us, yellow sun for his rising, heart sticker for his love for us, all 'inside' an Easter egg. #Easter sunday he has risen Easter Egg Crafts for Kids - Preschool and Kindergarten