Breakfast Egg Muffins #PaleoComfortFoods

Quick to-go Healthy Breakfast Recipe: Mini Omelet Muffins Great to throw left over veggies into. A great breakfast to make the night before and eat on the way to work.

bacon eggs muffins

Coconut Flour Bacon Egg & Cheese Muffins

Egg Muffins

Egg Muffins

Chicken, Spinach & Feta Egg Muffins - Use this recipe to sub any ingredients you like to have make-ahead, portable, ready-to-eat food in the fridge.

Cheesy Egg Muffins

Cheesy Egg Muffins Nom Nom Paleo In my attempts to raise little cave kids, I’ve been making a ton of savory grain-free muffins lately. This morning, Little-O requested cheesy egg muffins but “no meat or vegetables because I don’t.

Tina's Crustless Quiche

Paleo crustless quiche is a great alternative to the usual quiche that many of us are used to.

Fridgalicious Frittata - I Quit Sugar

Fridgalicious Frittata

We love I Quit Sugar and we particularly enjoy her Fridgalicious Frittata recipe.

Paleo Apple Cinnamon Muffins {Breakfast}

Paleo Apple Cinnamon Muffins

These Paleo Apple Cinnamon Muffins are a healthy low-carb breakfast using coconut flour & coconut oil! One of the things I’ve learned over the past week with this Paleo diet is that you have to have a PLAN! Don’t get me wrong, I am a planner.

Lunchbox fritattas

My oldest child (Miss Ames) has an aversion to eggs at the moment in any form but fried. She even sets up the fry pan for me with coconut oil and everything to make it easier for me.


Grain free, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free (but not taste free!) banana muffins - The Nourished Psychologist

Egg Muffins

Eggs are a fantastic source of protein. I prefer to use pasture-raised organic eggs which have more vitamin A, three times more vitamin E, seven