Oleg Stepanov

概念性標記|These 11 Tattoo Designs Will Make You Want To Get Inked| Collection of conceptual marks, representing different scientific areas.Available for purchase in outline and colored variations.

Case Study: Centurion Logo Design

Case Study: Centurion Logo Design, relevant in particular due to its repetition and subsequent variance upon the central theme.

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A new geometric design every day - It reminds me of the 'Wool Marketing Board' logo.scroll down on 'Logo Design' and all will be revealed.

Geometrical animal logos by Tom Anders Watkins - #logo #design #branding

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. Geometrical animal logos by Tom Anders Watkins -

A Classic looking Black & Cream logo.

Black Coffee: Air Roasted Logo - Purely greyscale, using only a few separate shades. The rooster, though only created from lines of white and grey, is very complex. The logo conveys a trust that comes with a long-established company.

只做一半,不放大图 [&nb-长安京

LOGO: Super intricate, which won't be good for bag designs but that is FINE. Maybe instead of chinese fonts it could say ZCM down the side and add coffee related stuff. Sun mountains, shipping containers, beans, etc