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10 Reasons Why Daily Meditation is so Beneficial #Infographic #Meditation

What is there to gain from daily meditation? Is there enough of a benefit to invest the time into learning meditation? There& plenty of research to show the benefits of meditation, over 500 scientific research papers published in the last year alone.

"Think about the most challenging thing you ever had to deal with in your life. Now think about what life was like one month before it happened. Even if you can look back in hindsight and say, “Oh, I knew it was coming,” there was no way you could have truly known how things were going to play out, how they would make you feel, or what lessons you would learn. When you think about things this way, it might cause you to wonder: “well, what battles am I going to have to face a year from now?…

This is a subtle reminder that religion is considered a coping method as well. It is a human pursuit that offers people the meaning of the human existence and of certain situations.