Image via Amazing Window Decorating Ideas Image via Japanese style room Image via woodworking details on windows or doors, or as an interior window from room to room.

The String Lights, designed by Michael Anastassiades, for Flos are the perfect architectural light of dividing spaces in a differen.

beautiful cactus

This garden is in Long Beach.] Cactus in the sculpture garden of the Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach CA. Various environmental factors in the garden resulted in the motley appearance of this plant.

Great Highway House by Aidlin Darling Design

Great Highway House by Aidlin Darling Design, love mid-century modern. It's always warmer than today's modern design.

near my fire place

A free standing shelving unit achieves a minimal look, which is honest to its materials and usage. Adjustable and flat packable characteristics encourage easy living, which, true to the brand, distill the design to a functional but basic form.

There are no rules in this garden, natives mix with succulents, grasses, and Mediterranean plants, and colour is king! Photo – Annette O’Brien for The Design Files.

JOINERY - Eagle Blanket - SHOP

JOINERY - Eagle Blanket - Handwoven on manual looms by a group of artisans in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Florence Deau

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